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Birth Poster Design Illustrator Märta Lindquist
Märta Lindquist is the illustrator

I work with illustrations and art at my farm, located in the north of Sweden. In this

peaceful environment I can focus on creative work and on what matters most: Family

and good friends. I studied art, which allowed me to to learn about various

materials and methods but I am mainly self-taught.

Here at the farm I live with my husband and five children. We have a lot of

animals and they are so much fun to be around! In my work I get inspiration

from the children, the environment, and also the animals. Horses mean a lot

to me and have been very important during my life.

They often appears in my paintings.

I love to work with traditional materials such as oil paints, graphites, aquarelle, and clay

much more then digital drawing. I think these techniques creates pictures with more

life and layers then a fully digital picture. The traditional techniques all leave their

special mark and each separate material changes the outcome of the picture.

I also work as a massage therapist mainly with horses, and I have studied anatomy

quite a lot, both in art school and in physio therapy. The two types of work come

together in my method of watching patterns of movement and balance in a body.

The work with Birth Poster Design has been a lot of fun but it was also difficult!

New born babies have a very special expression that I wanted to capture,

without too much details. I am very proud of the final product and

various styles of illustrations.

You can see more of my illustrations at the link below.


Warm greetings from Märta Lindquist

51 CENTIMETRES / 3970 GRAMS / 4 APRIL 1980 06:17 AM

Birth Poster Design Märta Lindquist illustration butterfly

Birth Poster Design Märta Lindquist illustration butterfly
Birth Poster Design Märta Lindquist illustration kittens

From Sweden with

Birth Poster Design Roger Larsson worked at IKEA in Älmhult and Sony Mobile in Tokyo
Roger Larsson

I’m living my dream – I’m a house husband and I love it! It is the job with greatest

responsibility I have ever had in my life. It was not practically possible for both my wife

and I to work at the same time. I also wanted my wife to continue her career.

I resigned from my job and it was one of the best things I have ever done.

Beside my family, my passion is attractive, well-designed consumer products. During my

working years at Sony Mobile in Tokyo and at the heart of IKEA in Älmhult in Sweden, every day I

could breathe simplistic elegance, and strive through many small steps to reach the goal

of offering only the best.

My experience of multiple environments has inspired me. They give me me the understanding

that Swedish and Scandinavian design is deep within me and gives harmony in my daily life.

I get my energy from my wife and-, our two children, together with the flourishing nature and

magnificent landscapes here in the south of Sweden.

Warm greetings from Roger Larsson

50 CENTIMETRES / 3660 GRAMS / 28 AUGUST 1970 04:32 AM